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Life is a beautiful mosaic of peace, messiness, change and sometimes a touch of overwhelm. Amid all those exciting highs and frustrating lows, it’s easy to get carried away in the rush and lose track of your space and possessions.

We believe in more than just tidying up. We're here to bring real organization to your life. At TrueOrder, we want the people of Lubbock and beyond to experience the peace and simplicity that comes with a well-organized space.

We're not just in the business of organization; we're in the business of transforming lives.

That’s why we strongly believe in being an active part of the communities we proudly serve of Lubbock Texas, the South Plains and eastern New Mexico. Welcome to our page, where you'll find great information about our organization services and how we can help bring true order to your life.

Organize Your Space, 
Reinvigorate Your Life


HI! I'm Cayla McCabe, organization guru and founder of TrueOrder organization service.

When you choose TrueOrder, you're not just hiring another organizer; you're gaining confidence and expertise that is dedicated to making your life better and more organized one space at a time.

We get it. Organizing and decluttering can be a daunting task, one that often stirs negative emotions of overwhelm and confusion. That’s why we believe the process is just as important as the end result – and we walk alongside each and every client for each and every project for that quality end result.

Instead of just going in and taking over, we teach each of our clients the art of decluttering and organization. We also help create customized systems that fit their lifestyles and personal preferences for long-term success. This connection with people is why we do what we do!

We're not just another organizing service. We're your neighbors right here in Lubbock,  your friends who love the South Plains as much as you, and your partners in creating a better, more organized life that impacts your mindset, emotions and home life.

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Meet your organizer, Cayla McCabe.

Cayla founded TrueOrder with her deep passion for organizing and helping people. She found her knack after working professionally as a group organizer and decided to branch out independently. This journey began with a love for order and the desire to fill a need in the local community. 
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Home Organization Testimonials

"I wanted to give a huge shout out to Cayla May McCabe at TrueOrder Solutions. Talk about organization. She helped me get my house in order and did such a great job I had her work on my storage room at my office. Love starting off the year organized and ready to go! Call her for all your pantry, closet, or office needs!"
Highly recommend!! She does an excellent job and works timely! She had me unpacked and organized in a few days !! She’s a 5 out of 5 plus some !!”
I highly recommend this company. Cayla helped me to get organized at my vacation home. Cayla has an amazing, friendly, and positive approach. She made going through many years of accumulation of items easy. She helped me make decisions about what to keep, donate and reorganize. My favorite part is my pantry is now not only beautiful but has an organizational system that ensures that everything has a place. Genuine thanks and 5 star recommendation!”
I needed order and chaos management for my closets and TrueOrder absolutely saved my sanity. Cayla is so professional, organized and full of solutions! She helped me cull through all of my closet contents, sort everything for keep/donate/toss, and gave me my dream closet layout. Everything is visible, usable, and just plain makes sense. I would absolutely recommend this business for ALL of your organizational needs! Cayla is truly a gem and a master of her work!”