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About TrueOrder Founder
Cayla McCabe
Professional Organizer

Cayla McCabe of Lubbock, Texas has always had a profound passion for organizing and, more importantly, for helping people. After gaining invaluable experience as a professional group organizer, Cayla realized her calling as for home organization in Lubbock Texas, and decided to venture out independently.

Her inspiration came from a genuine love for order and the strong desire to meet the pressing needs of her local community in the southwestern U.S.

What truly sets TrueOrder apart from the rest of the organizing industry is Cayla's unwavering commitment to community service. In a sector teeming with franchise operations, TrueOrder proudly remains independent. This independence allows us to invest more deeply in the communities we serve, making us not just another organizing service but a neighbor, a friend, and a partner in your journey to a better, more organized life.

Cayla's heart lies in both personal and community transformation. TrueOrder's roots run deep in Lubbock, Texas, the South Plains, and eastern New Mexico. Cayla’s dedication to giving back is evident in her work, ensuring that the benefits of her craft reach her very own community.

So whether you need better home organization, better office organization, or just general help with organizing and decluttering, contact Cayla. She will help guide you towards a more organized life as we guide you to create spaces of serenity and order. Based out of New Home, Texas, we proudly serve the Lubbock, Texas area and beyond.

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We're not just another organizing service; we're your neighbors, your friends, and your partners in creating a better, more organized life that impacts your mindset, emotions and home life. Are you ready to get your life in true order?
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